Matthew McCarty


Software engineer at Daugherty Business Solutions, consulting in the telecom industry since 2021. Writing a lot of Go and React these days but have worked with many languages, frameworks, and in various capacities on legacy and greenfield projects––from front- and back-end engineering to DevOps and SRE.


Cox Communications, Inc.

Integrated Network Planning

  • Automated network equipment-plan creation with event-driven Go microservices.
  • Replaced legacy Angular frontend with redesigned Flutter Progressive Web App.

Used: Go, Dart, Flutter, Kubernetes, Grafana, Prometheus, Docker, AWS (ECR), MongoDB, Java, Spring Boot, Angular

Critical Facilities

  • Built React SPA and Node APIs to forecast and visualize datacenter capacity over ten-year time-horizon.
  • Improved performance by integrating Redis cluster to cache forecasts.

Used: Javascript, Typescript, React, Node, Redis, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Docker, Azure, Cypress, React Testing Library

Washington University

Independent Schools of St. Louis (ISSL) system

  • Built data collection and visualization React SPA with serverless Spring Boot APIs for Covid-tracking research.

Used: React, Javascript, Java, Spring Boot, Python, AWS (Aurora, SAM, Amplify, Cognito, Lambda, API Gateway)

Side Projects

St. Louis Forever

  • Public facing website with an internal directory and document repository for local community members. Implemented a 2 friend authentication scheme for ensuring that the users who sign up are known by at least two members prior to being given access. This maintains a local community feel––where every member is connected to each other by two members. More on it here.

Used: React/Next, MUI/JoyUI, GraphQL/DynamoDB, AWS-Amplify

Cricket Scoreboard

  • A proof of concept I made for scoring dart-cricket games with a novel UI. I think it's a little more intuitive than the typical UI found in most cricket scoring apps. More on it here.

Used: Dart/Flutter, Github Actions/Pages